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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
You said you prefer "hard facts" and then you write things that are simply not true? Turrican II CAN be cracked to 1 disk, same for several other longtrack protected games. Btw, how many games did you crack that you are so "sure" here?
Hm, you mean how many people does one have to kill before he's allowed to work in forensics?

More below.

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Mr.Vince picked the wrong game with Turrican 2, but his reasoning behind it is valid. Lots of 1 disk longtrack MFM games simply won't fit back onto 1 disk 100%. I struggled like hell to get Snow Bros on 1 disk.
I wonder if you might want to tell us if you think you were able to do this (Snow Bros.) with the tools you had in e.g. 1991. At least I think (!) I remember that Factor 5's packer was quite good and everyone was having trouble compressing the data to fit on a standard ADOS disk.

Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Yes he did. And someone who prefers "hard facts" should better inform himself before claiming certain things and jumping on the "let's bash Don Adan" bandwagon. He critizised Don Adan for giving false information yet he does exactly the same! Something's wrong with that!
The difference might be... yeah, maybe I picked the wrong title, you knew better. No hard feelings because of that. Let's exchange it for one of the many others.

Still scratching my head... and because I am curious: The one disk T2 cracked by Apex omits intro and end sequence. The one by Starlight asks for second disk when loading music for world 5... Which one did you refer to (would like to take a peek...)?

Please note that I am not saying here those who cracked this in the first place were lame... I just think there wasn't a packer available that could reduce the amount of data to fit on one disk (besides the fact that depacking must happen in an amount of time acceptable for the user - and for the cracker when packing in the first place).

If you are talking about one-disking it now... well we can as well 1:1 copy it back to disk today because of advanced electronics and hardware stuff. But we couldn't do it in 1991 (or barely... with Cyclone).

Coming back to the original thesis: While there might have been some titles that were cracked badly in the first place, I can not think of many titles that weren't broken 100% after all these years. Yes, there are bad cracks. But games that mattered where usually done well... or fixed sooner or (much) later.

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