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Thx UpRough for a well organized party, cozy place and friendly professionals behind the bar and food counter I especially liked the lounge area with Amiga mags strewn on the sofa table and a cozy spot to have calm conversations with all the cool people, much better than sitting by the computer tables trying to scream above the partymusic, like on other parties, or having to stand outside in -6 to talk...

Missed you at the party Stingray

I hoped to meet The Big A of Phenomena, but he couldn't make it due to work. Crap!

Hilights from the party:
- Firefox! (cool chats and he even let me listen to one of the two tunes he made just before he quit the scene 20 years ago, how cool is that )
- Mahoney! (cool chats and two (2!) releases )
- UpRough 1 hour OCS MegaMix musicdisk
- flirty bar maids!!
- 2 Euro per beer and great healthy fresh food
nerd stuff:
- saw an ALDI C64...
- bought an Svideo mod for 10 Euro
- OCS chunkypixelmasters from Finland!
- #1 awesome sight: Rows and rows of Amigas with people using dpaint, protracker and AsmOne
- XCopy boing sounds on the big speakers
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