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I'd say that Flashback is the best, but Ruff 'n' Tumble, Lionheart, and Benefactor are also great.

Originally Posted by Legerdemain View Post
I mean... should one define Turrican II as a platformer? Or a shooter? Or both, as in the run'n'gun? But then, what about the SHMUP-stages? What do we get then? A run'n'gun/SHMUP? Or should one actually call it a platformer/shooter/SHMUP? Crazy shit, it is...
It's a platformer with a gun. Two of the levels happen to be horizontal shoot-em-ups, but the main game is a platformer. A run 'n' gun would be something more like Astro Marine Corps or Gunstar Heroes, which put far more emphasis on shooting than they do on level structure.
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