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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
That's something I disagree on too of course. But it still is no reason to deliberately misunderstand anything he writes.

And Turrican II was one of them, despite Mr.Vince claiming otherwise.

Don't get me wrong mate, some of his points are valid, but perhaps if he put them across in a less belligerent way, i'd be more inclined to take notice.

Its rather naive to just blame crackers, when in a lot of cases, the game itself wasn't coded to use any extra hardware whatsoever, including extra drives.

By late 1991, I would say most decent crackers were utilising more than one drive as a standard irrespective of what the original allowed.

Mr.Vince picked the wrong game with Turrican 2, but his reasoning behind it is valid. Lots of 1 disk longtrack MFM games simply won't fit back onto 1 disk 100%.

I struggled like hell to get Snow Bros on 1 disk.

I didn't want this thread turning into a miniature flame war, but i'm afraid Don Adan pretty much brought that upon himself. We could have had a nice discussion, instead he decided to get personal about it.
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