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- Puzzobomb:
More or less a remake of Puzznic.
Actually, from what the author (Jayenkai) says it is rather a remake of Puzznix, which, in turn, is a clone of Puzznic.
Anyway, I tried a few levels, it works well. It is rather focused on the puzzle solving part (no timer) from what I have tested.

The author is rather prolific (tries to create one game a week) so it might be worth it to check the site for his other creations (I think I have covered up all his DS releases).
This Windows game also looks strongly inspired by Puzznic too.
Although probably not a remake, this game bears some cosmetic resemblance to Alien Breed.

I will perhaps have a detailed look at the Windows releases list, sooner or more likely later.
But unless I get a compatible phone, I will probably not look at the J2ME (Mobile) releases.

Off-topic as it is not a remake (I think) but I highly recommend one of his other DS releases, JNKPlat DS 08

- Finally, there was this post here a few days ago about a port of Another World on mobile phones.
I will let you investigate this.

Edit: I should have checked your list, you had already StoneAgeDS listed. Anyway, you should update the entry:
- you credited the uploader/news reporter, rather than the author who is maRk2512
- there is a more recent version:

Edit2: I have not tested it yet (just found about it), but there is a DS homebrew remake of Lode Runner (author: C_boy) that does not seem to be in your list. It seems to work fine from the forum posts I have read.
And he has made a "sequel" based on a hacked version of the original Lode Runner (not sure if the hacked version was released on Amiga).

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