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I agree...up to a point I can see the point(s) Don Adan was making, but he didn't help himself by claiming such a huge percentage of cracks released were broken, or the "originals" were demo versions etc., when that was clearly not true!
On the point of demo versions, most of what he refers to by that name were review copies, completely feature complete games that either were missing custom disk format, a loading screen with the company logo, or something similar... absolutely nothing that would change the gameplay for an end user.
And talking about longtrack games, there are several which if crackers had the time/motivation could have gone back on the same number of disks as the original, but of course there are others where this is simply not possible (Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja, BC Kid (as Galahad pointed out in another thread, I couldn't save the last 40-50k no matter how I packed it!) off the top of my head).

So to summarise, everyone has valid points and we should all get along... group hug!
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