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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
6. Crack runs on the same number of different disk drives as the original
Sorry, your rules are insane. What about disks that had longtrack protection? You can't crack a title like Turrican 2 to one disk only when using "standard ADOS". The same applies to Xenon 2 One Disk budget version and others as well.

Does that mean only one drive should be supported at all? Just FYI you can not make a non-protected one disk version of these games!

Please feel free to report your findings here, but I don't see why one would have to complain about a crack being a crack. It's like Galahad said... if you want an original, get one. If you want the crack to be like the original except for the protection you'll have to modify it. It's a free world, so do whatever you feel is necessary. Remove the cracktro. Fix the modified strings and remove the QUARTEX messages. Patch it. Then put it on your shelf and lean back.

But that does not mean anyone else must consider a crack being broken...
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