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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Allways when installing AmigaOS 3.9 it is recommended you do it on a clean partition, booting from the 3.9 emergency floppy and doing a full install.

Have you done that?
If not, AmigaOS 3.9 will fail miserably doing a proper install, and will mix old files with new files, generating system crashes and/or produces incompatibilities.

Anyway, many people have tested BB3 with their Amigas with success, so probably the issue is with your PPC card and/or its libraries.

Furthermore, I have your exactly same config, with the notable exception that i dont have a PPC cpu, but i do have the 040 the mediator and those pci cards on an A1200. In my case, this setup works like a charm! So I suspect it has to do with the PPC and its libraries/drivers
I have to agree with madmatt, I have had this a few times.

It wasnt loading the correct module and keeping the original rom version. Hence the error.

Id check the startup-sequence.
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