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Question about CD-Rom support in WinUAE

I have made a Workbench 3.1 installation and also got the CD-Rom working in the emulated Amiga. Many thanks to Thomas for his great guide I found at this adress:

I have a question about this. In the guide at 2.8 it says this:

scroll down to the MaxTransfer line. Change the value to 0xfc00.
When I opend the CD0 using the command:
ed devs:dosdrivers/CD0
I couldn't find the line. I have added it in CD0 like this:
MaxTransfer = 0xfc00
Now, I can't see any different if the line exists in CD0 or not. I can read Amiga CD:s without any problem so far nomatter if this line is in the configuration or not.

My question is, what is this parameter used for? I assume it has something to do with the transfer of data between the CD and the Harddrive.

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