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Just what is the point of buying a computer just to run an O/S if you don't have any software to run on it? I can see it now... people buying Amigas simply because they saw a screenshot of Workbench in a mag and thought 'oh yeah, a cool O/S' ... yeah right!

A computer without Software is just an ornament. It sits there doing very little and trying to look nice.

The quality of the Amiga hardware may have sold Amigas to people... but only when they saw some game or application software running on it. That is why people buy computers... to do something on them.

I work in a University, which has more computers than you're likely to see in a lifetime. Acedemic Computing Services, where I work, offers amongst other things, user areas for students dotted all over the various campus and halls of residence. Hundreds of PCs, plus Sun and Silicon Graphics and Apple units, all running a myriad of Apps. And that doesn't include the individual departments that have their own particular setupsThere are literally dozens of servers campus wide, including mainframes (there's some really cool stuff that would make any comuter fanatic foam at the mouth!). Did they buy these because of the O/S, or because they needed software which runs on that particular platform?

I've worked in the private sector too, and I know for a fact that SOFTWARE sells hardware. If Amiga want the A1 to be mainstream, they need to target not only home users, but business too. And for that, they need killer apps. Simple.

Perhaps you ought to look out of the window and see what the real world uses computers for.
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