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IMHO, a jury of "selected EAB members" is not necessarilly a good idea. This is not meant to be an "EAB-only" competition, it is been promoted and disscussed at some other places, so a jury of EAB people doesn't actually make much sense.

I'm aware a voting-page is open to evil-intended voting, but then any other alternative I can think of has also its inconveniences which could distort the results, so if Arcade Underground thinks that's the best option, It's OK to me.

There is something I would like to suggest, anyway, in which this "EAB wise team" could be actually useful. I mean giving feedback to authors in form of as detailed and unbiased (as humanly possible ) public reviews of each entry (preferably after the voting phase).

I know it also has its own risks, as authors taking negative criticism as a personnal offence turning into endlessly useless flaming (but then that's how the internet goes ), but I think it's worth a risk in order to promote disscussion and people receiving as many opinions as possible from their works.

Just an idea!

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