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Originally Posted by Legerdemain View Post
I mean... should one define Turrican II as a platformer? Or a shooter? Or both, as in the run'n'gun? But then, what about the SHMUP-stages? What do we get then? A run'n'gun/SHMUP? Or should one actually call it a platformer/shooter/SHMUP? Crazy shit, it is...
I think these problems arise when some games, like Turrican 2, attempt to expand beyond their limits.

The horizontal SHMUP segments of that game distract and detract from the run n gun/platforming purity of it, IMHO. (The same goes for the tunnel segments in Star Dust.)

"Every game attempts to expand until it can read emails."
I'm no programmer, but I can't agree more with this UNIX thought:
"Do one thing and do it well."

I look at many games on Amiga and other platforms and think that if they just did away with these silly mini games, trying to add bit and pieces of fall-off shit to it, and concentrated on the *core* of what *makes it*, they'd be even better than they are.

There was another thread recently and Soccer Kid and Arabian Nights came up. The former would do well to remove the ball mechanic and the latter would do even better to remove those *atrocious* horizontally scrolling pseudo SHMUP levels, because, frankly, they're DIRE.

Anyway, just call Turrican 2, Turrican 2. If someone asks you what it is, tell them it's Turrican 2, and that it's great. Surely that's enough! :-)
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