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GoldenEye (indisputable. It is a lie that the designers weren't trying to make a magnificent game. You can't bumble through game development and pull a masterpiece out of your ass at the end!)
Resident Evil 2 (better than PSX ones and no loading! I love cartridges; I hate CD-ROM when all it is for is FMVs/cutscenes.)
Conker's (only because it is a toilet humour and non-children's game, it wins.)


No so good, at all really:

Mario64 (horribly over rated by Edge magazine, incidentally a publication of the lowest order because it claims objectivity and some kind of intellectual bent, but has none.)
Legend of Zelda, Ocarina + Majora's (over rated immature little sentimentalised Shinto propaganda games where you can't speed the dialogue up and lose immersion through a little faerie telling you to press button x/y/z on your controller every 2 secs.
Perfect Dark (framerate drops like some SNES games which means even worse than in GoldenEye, and you're a woman, not Bond. It sux, IMNSHO.)
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