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Re: Re: Amiga spirit

Originally posted by Akira

Buy yourself a roundtrip ticket to Buenos Aires, I invite you a night to one of my setups, I invite you to some drinks, I present you the chicks, give you some drugs if you want. I show you what the amiga does, I give you 8 hours to think how to do that on the PC, and by the end of the sesh, I make you EAT a PC Hightower, how does that sound? Or I make you buy me a fully pimped A4000 (Video Toaster Flyer and all!)
Don't invite him! Invite me instead! hehehehe

I don't want to eat any PC though. But maybe I can sleep with some of your nicer computers! or a chick.. but... hmm.. My only experience is with inflatable women :-)
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