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Re: Amiga spirit

Originally posted by IanS
Anything you can do on a A1200/A4000 can be done on other platforms, be it PC, Apple, Sun, Silicon Graphics etc. Maybe you don't have the money to buy the stuff for your PC etc, but that is not the same thing. If you can find me a legitimate task, something that absolutely cannot be done on anything else but an Amiga, I'll flog all my other computers and invest the money in my little old 1200!!!!!
I am tired of repeating myself, you know? Korodny already understood the way I use my Amigas and that it is UNIQUE to the platform. I have about 4 or 5 things I do that cannot be done AT ALL with a PC nor any other system. Stop saying as FACTS something that I say from EXPERIENCE that cannot be done on PCs. No matter how much I invest on them. Not the case with any of my applications, but it might be the case that there is something you can do with the Amiga and also with the latest SGI machine.... But compare prices. Let's not be stupid. If my needs do not need of a Silicon, I don't buy a Silicon (you said this yourself. You are contradicting yourself again). That's why those shitty scifi shows used Amigas instead of SGIs.

Buy yourself a roundtrip ticket to Buenos Aires, I invite you a night to one of my setups, I invite you to some drinks, I present you the chicks, give you some drugs if you want. I show you what the amiga does, I give you 8 hours to think how to do that on the PC, and by the end of the sesh, I make you EAT a PC Hightower, how does that sound? Or I make you buy me a fully pimped A4000 (Video Toaster Flyer and all!)

Please ian, you are the one being fixated with yoru views about the Amiga. If I tell you it can do something others can, is because it does. I don't talk from the arse. And since my A1200 does its job very well, I do not need a new machine.
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