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Re: Amiga spirit

Originally posted by IanS
I agree with Oscar about the apps. We need to revive the old Amiga spirit. Software sells hardware. The O/S is almost incidental. People do not buy computers JUST to run an O/S... unless they are very sad!

I couldn't agree any less with any of this.

People who buy computers JUST to run an O/S are not sad, those are many of the people who read this board.

As for software sells hardware? That's the kind of shit we're putting up with in respect to all these new consoles we see today, most of which aren't worth a dime. The Amiga software didn't sell the hardware-- The quality of the hardware did. Perhaps the Apps and Games were just incidental? The only software that sold the Amiga to me, at least, was the quality of the O/S. Hence...
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