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Originally Posted by doble07 View Post
Hi Jack!

Yes, I am. (AmiMSX, AmiMasterGear, AmiGameBoy, AmiNES and AmiPC-Engine)

Wow ! That's amazing ! I still play with your emulators, I have just completed Konami's SD Snatcher.
I'm AmiMSX registered user no.30 !
I tought you left the Amiga scene after you made your emus freeware, I'm glad to see you are still in the Amiga comunity.

Will you work again on your emus one day to fix some little and very rare bugs (I'm dying to play Ys on the AmiSMS, but this one does not work ) ?

hehehehe, It's TOP SECRET!!!


Okay, then I will cross my fingers (y tendre que encender una vela ! ) !
Anyways, good luck with your game !
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