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Originally Posted by alkis21
It would be so much more fair if a small committee of respected EAB members (or other Amiga 'experts' you may have in mind) voted on the games instead.
Why? Who would choose who a "respected EAB member" is anyway?

The game making is open to everyone for making games to be playable by everyone so why wouldn't everyone get the chance to then vote on the games they play?

An open democracy is surely the fairest voting system.

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey
Seeing the standard of games produced in that time I think it'll be interesting to see what people can do with a longer timeframe.
I agree. I also agree with Cammy that maintaining momentum is important.

I initially thought this might be too short a timeframe for making a game by coding it from scratch but I think hitchhikr is correct - it's enough time to get a level together at least and then something promising could always be taken further separately.
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