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Amiga spirit

I agree with Oscar about the apps. We need to revive the old Amiga spirit. Software sells hardware. The O/S is almost incidental. People do not buy computers JUST to run an O/S... unless they are very sad!

Akira, you openly stated that you wanted the A1 to be compatible with the custom chips of the original Amigas etc... a pointless excercise and a waste of valuable money to incorporate into any new Amiga. Anything you can do on a A1200/A4000 can be done on other platforms, be it PC, Apple, Sun, Silicon Graphics etc. Maybe you don't have the money to buy the stuff for your PC etc, but that is not the same thing. If you can find me a legitimate task, something that absolutely cannot be done on anything else but an Amiga, I'll flog all my other computers and invest the money in my little old 1200!!!!!

I suspect I'll still have them all for quite some time... and maybe an A1 too. If it ever actually appears.
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