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Yes, I live in Australia. I KNOW not everyone lives here, but as someone who lives in the Southern Hemisphere it gets annoying when people from the Northern Hemisphere refer to times of the year in seasons rather than months, assuming that we all live in the same hemisphere. It's almost as annoying as those who say good morning to everyone on an IRC channel when half of us are in the afternoon or evening. I've probably blown my chances at getting this competition going here now because of this, but I needed to get this out.

Juan, thank you for offering to get involved. The reason for having four contests each year is to give people more of a choice in themes, not everyone will be interested in each theme (some people hate Christmas so wouldn't have been interested in that last competition). It's also because we don't want interest to diminish over several months.

I'm sorry I can't please everyone, but you're under no obligation to enter this stupid competition.

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