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Some of the files in AFCD33's coverdisks folder are not perfect replacements for the damaged files in the AF117a coverdisk's Fiasco 2.2 lzx archive, so it looks like it will not be possible to recreate an exact byte-for-byte copy of the original archive.

The files in question are are all .info files, so it will still be possible to install this application and the others from the reconstructed disk image using the included scripts.

Only 2 of the 43 damaged files are not .info files, and they have been restored successfully.

9 of 16 files I have tried so far this evening have been successfully restored. The other 7 are all good files, but 5 have checksums different from those of the original files and 2 are of a different size.

If the present rate of success continues, and I cannot somehow conjure up matching files from the remainder, the archive will end up containing 24 .info files which are similar but not identical to the originals.

The next step will be to fix the filesystem errors on the original disk image so that the time and date stamps of the folders are preserved, along with all the original file entries. My first attempt to repair the disk image with DiskSalv resulted in the Fiasco 2.2 archive being completely purged! I now think that there is probably some damage to the block allocation table in that file header, which I will attempt to fix by manually editing the relevant blocks. Then I will salvage that file again in an attempt to get a best possible version of it before repairing the disk image again.

The final disk image's boot block will probably be based on that of the companion disk image.
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