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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
You're confusing yourself.

It is possible for a review copy to be the full version, but the software company certainly don't expect it to be leaked and cracked. Obviously in the case of Curse of Enchantia, Core Design protected their game by it not being the full version, but enough of the game was there for a magazine to give a fair review. If it got leaked, then Core know its not the full game.

St.Dragon was the full game, the only thing missing on the Skid Row version was the Copylock that was on the final master, because they didn't expect St.Dragon to be leaked from a magazine to hackers.

No idea about Tearaway Thomas, pretty sure its the full game as several people have completed it, and considering the only copy protection on Tearaway Thomas was the document check, which appears at the start of the game.
I'll try to explain to you, as easy as possible so you would understand it (here's hoping).
For the start, I'll describe what is a good crack according to me:
1. All protection like doc check, copylock or MFM are removed, along with the checksum.
2. Contains all graphical (plus intro and outro) and sound data as the original game.
3. Crack runs on the same amount of memory (0.5MB Chip and 0.5MB Fast for example) as the original game.
4. Crack runs on the same CPU as the original game.
5. Crack runs on the same ROM as the original game.
6. Crack runs on the same number of different disk drives as the original game.
7. Crack is installable on a HD and runnable from it, if the original game can do so.
8. All codes (cheats and level changing) must work like in the original game.
9. Saving and loading works, if the original game does.
10. Must work on the same chipset as the original game.

Also, very useful features are:
1. PAL/NTSC fix.
2. Bugfixes of the original ingame errors.
3. HD installation, even if the original game doesn't allow it.
4. Repacking of the game so that it would fit on the same number of disks as the original (if possible).
5. Unabling the game to run on all possible configurations. This concerns all chipsets, amount of RAM, CPU or ROM type.

BTW. I don't like it when the cracker replaces the original credits (authors) or highscores, a cracktro or the bootblock is for that.

Just because you are/were a cracker and worked in a game development company does only mean you've got better knowledge then a simple Amiga user, not that you're the alpha and the omega, because you're not. Maybe you'll become one day, who knows.

Now let's get to all the errors which I'll try to list here, easily for you to understand (here's hoping).
1. Gem'X is a good crack you said. For me it isn't, because the cracker forgot about the outro data and keyboard control, and that's why you can't input any level or cheat codes, or see the ending. Try to play the game without being able to input the level code, you have to always start from the first level. Not to mention it looks different then the original, like a beta (or a review copy - as you call it), because it's data is different then the original data. What's funny, the cracker called it Gem'X 100%, but for me this isn't even a 70% crack. But maybe there is a different (badly cracked) version of the game released by the same or other group, I don't know, never seen it. And writing about something that it's 100%, when it isn't, says much about the abilities of the cracker. Or his ego.

2. You claim that the Saint Dragon crack (?) by Skid Row is the full game.Just because it uses a comparably same data as the original it doesn't necessary mean it uses all the data the original game uses. You can check that in Apidya by playing on any difficulty level (starting from EASY), and you'll soon find out that each time the game will be slightly different, both looking at the level design and graphics used. The most important aspect is always the code that runs the data files. Depending on free memory, processor type or chipset, the same game could look/run much/slightly different. For me the Skid Row crack is no review copy but a demo as it works differently then the original game. One can notice it quickly by simply playing that version and the original, in the demo after killing the Dragon you will loose all weapons while in the original you will not. This so-called crack was dated by Skid Row on the 4th of September 1990, while the original is dated at the 2nd November 1990. You really think that after 8 weeks all the authors did was adding the RNC copylock? For such a long time they could change/fix/add many different things in any game. And because it's best to give an example on what was change in those versions, here they are:

dc.l $446E7818,$C52D2CA,$E4F096C4,$B94F4B75,$11763A39
dc.l $CAEC9589,$FBA9544D,$76D052F,$53D5D5E9,$EF86C5AF
dc.l $424A7964,$164A3BD9,$F0FEE99E,$AA445A7A,$7E4E586F
dc.l $6B1F0B3B,$C0B8EAF0,$95C4BD4F,$507D0256,$40676F09
dc.l $7F26CDDD,$8BEC90AD,$B94C5262,$6053D7C,$5E637403
dc.l $D2B855E,$6772097F,$3FDCB8EF,$FF88E458,$7F75051A
dc.l $7257637A,$D1934C0,$D1E5FF85,$A1B30A5A,$6710D0B
dc.l $37A5CCE3,$FBF1B6B6,$4E547F0D,$762838D9,$E7E79CDB
dc.l $40697409,$B3ACCD6,$EC9E82B4,$B8495610,$1032030
dc.l $DBA25E63,$7D050B33,$D1D1E4F0,$F1A2A244,$5E640A19
dc.l $277C476E,$7C6C183C,$CAD5EE9E,$90B0D742,$527D0656
dc.l $44631900,$1024C0B8,$FFF694C4,$A75F5364,$6023D3D
dc.l $D6A2437F,$6B030B37,$C6D0E5F7,$92B7F755,$6F6A047F
dc.l $34CCD6EC,$FB83E451,$747C0D14,$52CADEED,$9E85ACB2
dc.l $2A5C6417,$172A37AF,$F6FD8DFB,$BD495D62,$7609403A
dc.l $D5B9FFEB,$9BA9B42B,$4B61445E,$637C0206,$52C8DDEE
dc.l $F088C4BA,$4F581013,$32728CA,$F6E18982,$CE4C5569
dc.l $63083427,$A6D4EDF1,$8BA0AC5F,$3E7C0519,$3338C4F7
dc.l $969989A1,$565A673B

dc.l $5F6F6F09,$C725074,$7C081626,$D6985F63,$6F091372
dc.l $5E637403,$D2B8544,$63781C10,$3C85587F,$75051A72
dc.l $5A6B7419,$113BD1C1,$AB5B6F7E,$4133BC2,$D0FFBE40
dc.l $7278010F,$7246766A,$51B37A5,$DCE4E99F,$E49F0000

3. Concerning Curse Of Enchantia I'm not 100% sure if it was a demo or a review copy, because it's been a while and probably nobody has that version anymore so I could check. Anyways, that one was probably a demo version from the authors, so that it would've been cracked before the full game. You say that wasn't the case, but I rememeber a different Core Design game - Skeleton Krew. The demo version was cracked (?) by Paradox, and it succesfully delayed the cracking of the full game by Mok for Prestige, for many (at least 4) weeks. In the mean time the full game was sold in stores (the first few days/weeks are the most important after a release of a new game), and anybody who checked the bad crack noticed something's wrong with it, probably thought the crackers fucked something and because the game was quite good went out to buy the full game.

And another thing. You claim that the game Primal Rage is AGA only. Well, not exactly, it only requires 2MB of RAM (at least 1MB Chip) as I've finished (original 1.4 version and WT crack) it on my A2000 ECS.

Short: HD-Installer for Primal Rage AGA V1.1Author: Galahad/Fairlight and Codetapper/Action
Uploader: Codetapper/Action (codetapper at hotmail dot com)
Version: 1.1
Type: game/patch

This patch applies to Primal Rage AGA, ©1995 Atari Corp / Time WarnerInteractive 4 Disk version, original release
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