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Hey, the WB KeyShow tool is the only utility you need for accessing the extended character set on your Amiga!

Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
can`t you just press the alt key and a char ?
Yes, but it's not quite that simple.

You can access most foreign characters by using the Alt key plus a,s,c or o to get æ,ß,ç or ø, or A,S,C or O to get Æ,ß,Ç or Ø.

Or you can use the Alt key plus f,g,h,j or k as qualifier keys to get acute, grave, caret, tilde or umlaut accented characters, respectively.

Double-click the KeyShow tool in your Tools drawer and select the Alt, Shift or Ctrl keys, or a combination of them to see what characters you can get.

The Keyshow tool just shows the keypresses necessary to produce the available extended characters. Once you know them, or have written them down, they can be used at any time from Workbench or the Shell.

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