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Noob preparing a 20gb HD for an A1200 in Winuae. Halp!

Iíve had a good read of the foums and searched google, but I'm still stuck.
Hereís where I am so far.

I have a raw, unformatted 20gb drive connected to my pc via usb caddy, winuae set up in a1200 mode and a Ďworkí folder/disk with idefix,sfs and hdinstTools loaded.

Iíve added the -disableharddrivesafetycheck parameter and am running winuae as an administrator.

USB drive is set to read/write. Iíve managed to get it to appear in workbench as 'new volume', but I canít get hdtoolbox or hdsetup to detect the drive. Iíve also changed the tooltypes to uaehf.device to no avail. As a last resort Iíve tried to format it in format Ė it simply tells me it canít open DH3.

Iím close to shouting at inanimate objects right now. Can someone save me, please?
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