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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
As i understand it, the delay present in the scsi.device inside the kickstart rom was designed to provide compatibility for old, hence slow spinning drives, and give them enough time to actually be accesible.

In these days of CompactFlash and solid state drives solutions for the Amiga, shouldnt it be possible and make sense to reduce that delay generating with that a faster booting system?
If you're using a CF/IDE adapter or a relatively modern IDE drive (anything made in the last 10 yrs or so) you shouldn't need to reduce the delay.
The delay is only happens if scsi.device's init code can't find any ATA device on the bus, so it keeps on looking until it reaches a hardcoded 'timeout' value, and quits if it can't find anything.
(IIRC, OS2.x to OS3.0 was 9 secs, 3.1 was 30 secs, 3.9 went to 31 secs)

Could it be as simple as implementing a patch to scsi.device?

Has someone done it? or knows how to do it?
I did one over Xmas, it's a Blizkick/Remus patch that should work with all IDE scsi.devices,reducing the timeout back to 9 secs, and as an added bonus it removes the beta 'timeout' warning from Amiga Int's scsi.device 43.24
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