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Hi Cammy,

I share the same opinion when you say that old disks damaged the floppy drives, i think i´ve made mine external drives useless because of that.
The result was that i picked up about 250 Disks and throw them all away.
About two or 3 years ago my older brother filled up his van with old stuff from an computer shop and brought it to me to see if i could save something.
It was great because there was a lot of old stuff that i saved since, including a lot of Double Density disks along with HD disks(About 500) that i´m using now and they are in pretty good shape.
There were a few PC Floppy Drives that included 4 Panasonics, 2 of them i´ve already modified with success and others from the amiga days.
I´ve already modified 2 Panasonics, 2 Samsungs, 2 Nec, 2 Sony's and 1 Mitsumi with success.
I can assist anyone who's starting to try to modify pc drives. For me it was not easy but when the first started to work the others were easy.
It's really cool to start messing around with the amigas again, it's like a journey back in time.

Keep them alive, it's a legacy that the new kids don't understand.

Best regards
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