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Originally Posted by xoen View Post
i am in PDA emulators for >6 yrs, man.
sry for ot, but like i said - it does. i have it in my device now, so i know what i am saying, not every game, but yup, it is working fine. far better than Amy emulation(godDAMN ;/). ff7-9,fft - 60 fps with sound, vids fullspeed, dd1 - 48-60 fps. sh1 has 35 fps, but it's playable, gta 1/2 - 60 fps. no frameskip, of course.
I didn't question PS1-emulation. As I said even the PSP can do fullspeed PS1-emulation.
I was talking about Nintendo 64-emulation.

PSP can't do N64 well. And I doubt that PDA could emulate it at playable speeds either.

The Pandora will be able to do that, meaning Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Mario 64. Probably not GoldenEye though - since that's a game most emulators struggle with/need more CPU-power than for the other games.

Originally Posted by xoen
if i remember right, nope ..project is also abandoned, actually.
in general - winmobile has no luck with cyclone core so far
Thought so. I think with Cyclone your PDA should've reached almost fullspeed on many OCS-titles with sound. Maybe with frameskip 1 - which would still be 25 fps and thus acceptable on a handheld (still I'll be disappointed if we need frameskip 1 for any OCS-game on the Pandora).
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