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the PSP can do fullspeed PS1-emulation, too. But not N64 (and I'm sure neither can your PXA273).
i am in PDA emulators for >6 yrs, man.
sry for ot, but like i said - it does. i have it in my device now, so i know what i am saying, not every game, but yup, it is working fine. far better than Amy emulation(godDAMN ;/). ff7-9,fft - 60 fps with sound, vids fullspeed, dd1 - 48-60 fps. sh1 has 35 fps, but it's playable, gta 1/2 - 60 fps. no frameskip, of course.
(if i only could have such thing 20 years
actually pxa273(almost 4 Y.O. device, not fockin HTC, just Asus p525) is enough to have xl,st,c64,sega mg, zx, neogeo/pgm/cps1,2,3, nes, gb, snes, gba, scumm and Amy(well..barely) in my pocket.

i assume that pandora will be ultimate portable device then.

Still maybe the emu's creator hadn't used Cyclone for it.
if i remember right, nope ..project is also abandoned, actually.
in general - winmobile has no luck with cyclone core so far(sega is buggy with that, perfect without, though, mame w cyclone is buggy too, ffs)
that's why gp2x user is ABLE to have fun, while wm device user is not :S
shame that sources are not available..
funny thing i managed to launch LIGHTWAVE just to see it, lol(although c4d seemed to be more suitable for such small screen).

1200 MIPS
may be tough(to emulate Amy), but while oc'ed, why not

Post some vids after you get it, someone.

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