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Earlier this evening, I was practising the method I will need to use to reconstruct the Fiasco 2.2 archive (the 687kB one) by extracting and re-archiving the PoolMem/Viewfonts2 archive (109kB), which I managed to salvage intact from the AF117a floppy disk.

The archive I pulled from the disk is not as optimized as it might have been, and in order to reconstruct an exact copy of the archive I had to invoke the LZX command a number of times to get the files archived in the same sequence and similarly optimized. I got there in the end, but I'm glad I practised the technique using the smaller file before attempting it on the big one!

Incidentally, the archive bit was set for some of the files, which is unusual. However, I'm trying to build a disk image to match the original disk as closely as possible, so they will stay set.

Do you still have those coverdisks?

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