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Heya Paulo, welcome back into Amiga land

Last year I restored a few old A500s myself, and found that the floppy drives didn't work either. Also, after testing out some old floppy disks in the A1200's external floppy drive, it stopped working too! So I inspected these old disks and they had small spots of mould in them, which is very common for old floppy disks that are stored for a long time in humid conditions. I ordered a floppy drive cleaning disk on eBay, and after using that in all my Amiga floppy drives, they all work! So, I'm not sure but maybe each time we test out these old floppy disks we're doing damage to the drive heads, or at least coating them in filth that makes them not work. I was lucky to find a place just down the road who were selling boxes of 25 and 10 floppy disks for $1 a box, so I got every box they had left.

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