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Smile Amiga is alive and well in PORTUGAL

My name is Paulo and im from Porto, Portugal. I work in the computer bussiness as a technician.
A few days ago i came across with this great site while i was searching the web for some help too make my amigas work again.
So far so good, i have 3 amigas, 1x1200 and 2x500, one Commodore 1084s-P1 RGB Monitor, 2 external floppy drives (Amitek and Cumana) and a lot of determination.
My history with amiga goes back to 1990 when i have my first contact with one. I used to saw them in magazines but that was it.
My brother bought an 1200 in 1994 and we get our hands in two 500 a few years ago.
They were sitting down for over 8 years because my brother left them to be "eaten" by moister.
The result was devastating.
About a month and a half ago ive decided to pick them up and restored them. It has been an adventure since then.
None of the floppy drives work, the floppy disks didnt work, and the 1200 keyboard was destroyed, it was a nightmare.
After tearing the 1200 floppy drive apart and cleaning it up i was able to get it to work, not very reliable but it worked.
I was able to boot with one amiga 500 and a workbench 1.3 disk that was in pretty bad shape.
Ive made a null modem serial cable and with the superb amiga explorer software from cloanto i was able to made some copies of workbench discs by connecting it to my PC.
Ive bought one floppy drive on the web, a mouse and the catweasel MK4 Plus for PC(i havent had the time to put it to work), now im waiting for kick rom 3.1 and an 1200 keyboard replacement from an online shop who still sell this stuff.
This was just to get me started, now ive modified with success a few floppy drives with some help from this forum and they work great.
Next step will be to build an hd in my 1200.
Ill be seeing you soon

Best regards

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