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>Please, don't bother trying these amiga look-a-likes!
>It's a Wasted Effort (TM)...

I think we have some red supporters here :-) I myself try to keep a more balanced view :-)

>found point 1) of the terms + conditions interesting.

How dare they try to take away the right to emulate. It is a basic human right.

>PPC has long left the massive user market it once had.

The points made about PPC applies equally to both OSes.

If either of them were emulatable then I would be running and developing software for it. Since I can't afford to buy a new machine, running them is simply possible . (I'm sure I would still support OS3.9 too though.) And no, I don't like AROS (no binary compatibility; no support of OS3.9 API eg. ReAction; ugly icons; etc.).

I think PearPC has been pretty much abandoned these days unfortunately

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