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Originally Posted by Cauterize View Post
Secondly, the next successful dump is 'Preview the Beast'. A rolling demo preview of Shadow Of The Beast, interupted with small blurbs about the upcoming game.

Preview The Beast/Shadow Of The Beast Rolling Demo
[ Show youtube player ]
I dumped this disk and SOTBII disk in WWARP format about 10 years ago. Psygore created WHDload installs for them. Unfortunately my SOTBIII demo disc had gone bad. There is a crack of it on aminet but does not play as I remember. If anyone finds a copy pm me.

I also dumped these Psygnosis demo disks at the same time : Leander, Awesome, Agony, Ork, the Killing Gameshow and possibly more. I could have sworn they were also turned into WHDload installs but I cannot find them...

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