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Pre-Release Psygnosis Demo Disks

This topic was in Amiga scene, but im moving it here as I feel its more relevant.

Currently on a mission to rescue some disks from near death with the help of pr0wler at the moment.
So far, due to the bad sectors/headers etc, I have only been able to make custom ADFs using TSGui, as apposed to working ADFs.

First up we have an old pre-release demo of Lemmings. I've put a video of it up on YouTube. Features some new stuff like a different title screen, (what I believe to be) varied music (level 5 has new music if im not mistaken, although not in the video) and new level ordering.

Lemmings Pre-Release Demo
[ Show youtube player ]

Ill take a photo of the disk later.

Secondly, the next successful dump is 'Preview the Beast'. A rolling demo preview of Shadow Of The Beast, interupted with small blurbs about the upcoming game.

Preview The Beast/Shadow Of The Beast Rolling Demo
[ Show youtube player ]

Next up:

'Leander' Demo once I can salvage a bit more of the disk (Only half of the game is there currently refuses to get past the title screen/rolling demo bit)
'Awesome' Rolling Demo (like the Beast one), currently working will be video'd soon.
'Stryx', boots up to the loading screen, but thats all (for now)
'Liberation' currently not working.
'Agony' same again, not working (yet).

Ill most likely send the remaining games over to the god of recovery, pr0wler later on.
Until then, enjoy the videos and look forward to the next few.

PS: Is there bb Code to embed videos into a post?
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