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Originally Posted by xoen View Post
notice that Amy emulation is far more complicated than that(uh...)..console.
Until i see real vid i'd be cautious then.
624 mhz pxa273 xscale i have in my old but powerful PDA (with probable wifi chip support) is not able to keep Amy emulation even at 80% without sound(usually situation's far worse, sometimes it is 100%, muted - Ruff n'Tumble, i.e.) while being able to emulate everything up to ps1 with full speed.

Pandora's seems to be better, but how good...we will see, maybe.
So far i haven't seen ANY vid with fullspeed, fluid emulation with sound.

i asked about that on pandora forum about yr ago, no conclusions so far, though;/
i am not convinced so far then.

well i am not able to buy one anyway, so...i may need to repair my second if someone can help.
This is from

PXA27x: 800 MIPS @ 624 MHz

Cortex-A8: up to 2000 MIPS (2.0 DMIPS/MHz in speed from 600 MHz to greater than 1 GHz)

At the default 600 MHz the Cortex A-8 does 1200 MIPS - but every chip is guaranteed to run stable at 720 MHz (only slightly more battery drainage) meaning 1440 MIPS.
The dev-boards so far have all been able to run stable at 900 MHz meaning 1800 MIPS.

Combined with the 68000-assembler core Cyclone I'm sure that'll be enough for OCS-games at 50fps with clear stereo sound and no frameskip.
Fullspeed AGA-emulation is unlikely - but that's not very important to me. Having an "ultra mobile Amiga 500" is enough. I can play those few interesting AGA games at home with WinUAE.

Btw., the PSP can do fullspeed PS1-emulation, too. But not N64 (and I'm sure neither can your PXA273).

I'm looking forward to finally getting that little device - just in time for christmas.

P.S. Does the Amiga-emulator for your PDA utilize Cyclone?

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