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None. Cos all the game worlds are filled with antagonists, challenges, and it's inevitable that you die. (Hmm wait, that sounds familiar...)

OK, Gravity-Force (the original). I would also like to not be a human but a spaceship with a powerful blast coming out my behind. (Hmm wait, that sounds familiar...)

Maybe Exile. I could stay alive on grilled imps, party on mushrooms, and have a plethora of robots at my beck and call. And also a furry pet to hug

No wait, Elite. A huge universe to explore filled with strange creatures of all kinds on every planet. Maybe I'd settle down with one of them in one of the space stations, and have a scaly family which I'd support by trading used gear on SpaceBay there. Whenever my spacetruck ran out of gas I'd just take a holiday trip to the nearest sun and refuel, and all of us would get a healthy tan for free and I'd dodge the taxman by shooting down police ships and sell the debris and... (voice meanders off and the men in the white van park in my driveway, readying up for an intervention...)

Hehe. I'm just fantasizing ofc. I have no driveway.
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