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Originally Posted by Titler View Post
Hmmmm... I don't recall ever writing over it, but Pro-Text is the word processor I had with my Amiga and used throughout my student days, so it's possible I accidentally did at one point. Don't worry if it turns out to be Pro-Text data, as I made working copies of all my old essays years ago But this will be a shame all the same because on that AF disc originally I discovered, when trying to get the AF Amibee demo running, that there's a routine which is needed to launch the Workbench Arkanoid clone on the Amibee disc.
That AF117a disk is almost certainly recoverable.

The volume name has been overwritten and with it the original disk creation date. Also, a single ProText data file has been written to the disk taking up most of the unallocated space. However, it appears that this activity may have been interrupted by removing the disk from the drive while it was being written to, because a significant proportion (25% or so) of the disk's original data has been corrupted.

The data relating to the Fiasco 2.2, View Fonts 2 and PoolMem applications is contained in two lzx-compressed archives. One (109kB) is intact, but the other (687kB) contains 203 files, 43 of which are corrupted. Fortunately, the decompressed content of these archives is reproduced on the AFCD 33 Cover CD, so I have the means to rebuild these archives.

The other data, including startup-sequence and system-configuration files, installation script, keymaps and dearchiving tool appears to be intact, but another archive (23kB) contains nine AmigaDOS commands used for installation and six of them are corrupted.

I have been downloading other Amiga Format coverdisk images from around the same period in an attempt to obtain good copies of these files (which are not included in the coverdisk archives on AFCD 33), and I have now found them!

When I have reconstructed the archives, I shall upload an AF117a.adf image which, although not an exact byte-for-byte equivalent of the original disk, will be as close a match as possible and will permit the applications as well as the games from the companion AF117b coverdisk to be installed to hard disk in accordance with the scripts, as originally intended.

Indeed, the AF117b startup-sequence confirms that booting from the 'serious' coverdisk (AF117a, as distinct from the 'games' coverdisk AF117b) is required to install the Mini Arcanoid game, as it contains the necessary scripts.

Fitzsteve has agreed to troubleshoot the disk image by carrying out an exhaustive test on it when it's ready.

Originally Posted by bippym View Post
I have boxes with over 400 coverdisks.. Who wants them (They are heavy.. Around 15kg I think) It wont be cheap to post!
I would gladly take those coverdisks off your hands and cover your costs if you would care to send them to me.

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