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one of the main disadvantages of afa is being taken care of then. will it become part of the next afa distri? in that case i think you would like to correct versions numba.
Yes, AfA_OS 4.7+ will accept icon.library 46.4.133+.

The version number of AfAs Icon_Lib.exe will be corrected (4.1 -> 4.7), but the version number and -much more important- the revision number of my icon.library will stay at 46.4. The revision 4 is necessary for the 100 character iconname copy support of Mikes workbench.library 45.131, which was introduced with his icon.library 45.4.

im using 45.4 atm. are the fixes of that version included?
Yes, the MNL-support works even under AfA_OS to our surprise as long as you add WBCtrl MNL=100 somewhere above LoadWB in your startup-sequence. And the memory leaks are fixed too in icon.library 46.4.

ok, im testing it right now, still i cannot save iconedit modified icons "fehler in datei"
Ok, I don't know which problems of AfA_OS will get fixed in the next release. I'm not even a regular user of AfA_OS, but I can reproduce this bug in AfA 4.6 with AmiKit 1.59 when Icon_Lib.exe is enabled. No saving bug for V44-icons without it when v46.4.133 is in use. On the other hand, the OS 3.9 iconedit has lots of bugs and won't support any PNG icons, of course.

how about to fix the icons look on 8bit afa screens? i mean not necessarily color remapping but mainly to get rid of the rubbish in the top line, having them all displaying to the degree they look on 8bit screens without afa. it has been discussed quite a while on a1k ....
Yes, I've seen that discussion on a1k. Unfortunately, I think neither Bernd will support planar screens in AfA very soon (or ever) nor will my icon.library 46.4 support (Dual)PNG icons in the near future (or never). Too much work for the dead AmigaOS. I don't use it any more. Except for some bug fixes. I would only change my mind if the AmigaOS would become completely opensource and if the copyright owners would make it freeware

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