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well its nice to know im welcome

your idiots
didy you really have to quote my whole post
wouldnt just

quote simbo /quote been enough???

and sting ray ive never heard of you in amega or atari's
do you exist past ppera??? or are you an orb???

becouse i feel ppera is making a cross platform ide driver

and you need to support him

or your amiga will fall into the bin with time as will the atari's

with a cross platform driver built a central hub can be made in ide ide controllers bridges

this is what i think he is up to asking the questions he has

im just sticking up for him

thats all

anyway the atari is a far better machine a lots less hasle

i need to thinkup a chip amiga's have that can be reused in a project
and leave there carcus behind for the skip

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