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Originally Posted by SIMBO View Post
i feel like the real deal

i must step in in ppera's defence
ive talked to him many times
and know his work is VERY good in ataris
ive used it since i was 16 and im 43 years old

i think after months of being 'put upon' by too many people

he is looking for answers in the wrong place

and insults too many people in the process
who just dont understand this guy
and he is at his wits end
like so many cleaver people he has a short fuse
and tends to not think about interaction
when needing to solve a quandry in his head

and at the same time posseses like me poor english skills
im scottish and i have dyslexia

and this is just as bad a combination as non english speeker as first language and arrogant

and i think after 30 years of making stuff that works used the word over
ppera has a right to recognition of his skills

so what im arrogant and cheeky and a bit of a prick also

and so ARE YOU ALL for beating the guy up

get a life write what he has written then talk

you probably use his tools and never give credit where credit is due

he doesnt ask for money recompence in anyway or friendship
only for hello and how can we help

get a life and i think he may also ....

just somethings i learned in life

never hold a grudge
give credit where credit is due
never have enemys uless you can avoid it
revenge when needed is a dish best served cold

amoung the poeple ive meet online
its a pleasure to know a guy who wrote the software
that saved my bacon a few times for sure

so dont kill him
he is a treasure

lets bury the hatchet and move on ffs

despite all this

i had to log into this inferior amiga machine board

im off for a bath now


We're Amiga users, he's never written software we would or could use!

His skill or lack thereof of writing software doesn't excuse his ill behaviour. Plenty of people on this very board are not native English speakers, but manage to convey what it is they want to say, WITHOUT insulting people!

'beating him up'? Seriously...
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