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I've ended up here many times during searches or links from other Amiga sites and finally decided to register. Still doesn't feel right without actually owning Amiga hardware, though it's never too late for that I guess.

I started out with computers in the late 70's (ABC80 first, then Vic-20, later C64) and used to own Amiga hardware back in the late 80's and early 90's, first an A500 then A1200 with hdd, just loved those. After that I sort of drifted towards the video game consoles for my games fix. My first console was a SNES with a 16Mbit Super Wild Card (SWC) copier which I later upgraded to 32Mbit. (tmi?) ;-)

Several consoles later, around 2001, I moved from Sweden (where I was born) to Bangkok/Thailand and started a website dedicated to console hacking ( and are still doing that. Besides me, my kids; Sarah (born 2006) and Tim (born 2008) are the only ones in my family who can stand my collection of SID chip tunes and Amiga tracker mods, so in a weird way the old computers never left me, and the interest is still very much alive thanks to excellent community sites like this one.

BTW, I recommend:

This is where I get my music fix online. At first when Yes got hacked the future for Nectarine didn't look bright, but in my humble opinion the hardcore fans picked up the pieces and turned it into something really good (even if not the same).

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