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Re: Workbench 3.x

Originally posted by Chazz
I know this sounds VERY suspicious, but I have winuae and I USED to have an amiga 1200. On the amiga I had the game Beneath A Steel Sky.

A few years ago I donated my old amiga to my brothers kids, they love it, however I must admit that I do miss some of the games.

I have downloaded a hard-drive version for beneath a steel sky, which requires workbench 3.x. Where can I find this.

I am aware that legally you must grab this from an amiga, but as my brother lives in the states it would cost me an absolute fortune to ship the amiga here and back!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
I dont know if my answer breaks any rules.

1) use google to search for "kickstart 3.0 + amiga"
2) as you are already on the internet, is your brother ?, ask him to use Transrom (I think it is) to dump the rom to disk and email it.

but as already pointed, the kickstart is still copyright and being worked on and is illegal for reproduction/distribution without the respective host machine being owned.

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