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awesome suggestions! Someone on another thread suggested (since I really only want to use the CD32/SX32 for games) that I install the iGame GUI. What keyboard/mice do you recommend with my setup?

I am still trying to find a CD32 system, and ones on ebay have ridiculous shipping charges (I am in the USA and most systems I find are in europe), and amigakit I believe is out of stock. Even though I plan to use my setup on an RGB monitor, people suggest I get a PAL system. As far as HDD storage, I wanted to get like an 80gb HDD since I hear there is a way to use HDD's larger than 4GB.

I was curious, is there an Amiga MOD player that I can install so I can listen to some Amiga MOD music? And can you play C64 games on an Amiga ?

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