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Originally Posted by RGB_Gamer View Post
1. Does the SX32 MK2 have a CPU/FPU and if not, can I add those?
Does not have a CPU. No FPU by default but you you can add one.

I can see from the photograph that the FPU socket is not fitted on your board so realistically you cannot add one even if you wanted to.

Originally Posted by RGB_Gamer
2. is a PGA or FPU necessary to run games?
Nope. Almost nothing at all uses it. Practically no games.

Originally Posted by Guliver
1 - It will accept a 68882 (PGA) 25Mhz or 50Mhz FPU
You mean a "PLCC" not "PGA" but it doesn't matter cos his socket is not fitted.
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