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Originally Posted by StevenJGore View Post
1. See answer to 3 in gulliver's post.
2. No, not at all. Only a handful of games and apps will take advantage of an FPU. Spend your money on more memory instead (if it hasn't already got the maximum).
3. HOL (Hall of Light)
4. Amiga OS3.1 would be best for your setup. OS3.9 will also work, but it will be slow and don't install the ROM update with BB2 (Boing Bag 2) or the CD32's CD drive won't work when booting from the hard disk.
Thanks a lot. I already have 8mb which I believe is the max for the SX32. Thanks for the game list suggestion. I never heard of that site, but it seems to be the holy grail of amiga game lists (awesome that it has screen shots). I just wish there was a site like this for systems like NES, SNES, etc. You mention that doing the ROM update for BB2 will make the CD drive inoperable when booting from the HDD. Why would you need the CD drive when booting from HDD? When booting from HDD, you can also choose to boot a CD game?
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