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Just got an SX32 MKII - I have questions.

I got an SX32 MK2 recently. I am waiting on my CD32 NTSC console in the mail, and until I get everything up and running, I have questions:

1. Does the SX32 MK2 have a CPU/FPU and if not, can I add those?
2. what is the largest hard drive I can use ?
3. What amiga games (other than CD32/CDTV) can I run on here? Is there a way to configure the CD32/SX32 setup to just run games?
4. Do I need a mouse/keyboard to run amiga games on here?
5. how would I install games or the OS to the hard drive?

I did a lot of research on this, but I haven't really found too much. I am a total newcomer when it comes to the CD32/SX32 (partially because I am in the USA, where Amiga really wasn't popular, nor even spoken about all that much).

Thank you!
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