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ClassicWB should work on your A1200 with 3.0 ROMs, there are hardly any differences between the two, as long as you don't plan on installing OS3.5 or 3.9 which will require later 3.1 ROMs (or ROM images that are loaded and stored in RAM on bootup, something requring an accelerator). You could always switch the 3.0 for 3.1 ROMs some day, it's an easy swap if you can just find someone selling the ROMs (or flash your own EPROMs). Commodore A1200s can have 3.1 ROMs in them, and standard 880k DD Floppy drives too.

Later A1200s had modified PC HD floppy drives which can be a problem. I got an AmigaKit modified one and it lasted less than a day before not reading anything anymore. So try and stick to the DD drives if you can, and make sure you get yourself a floppy drive cleaning kit for it (a floppy disk with a cleaning disc in it with a little bottle of alcohol to drop on it). Use this before you put any disks in the drive, and only use new disks. Don't buy boxes of other peoples old disks because they could have mould in them which kills floppy drives.

Rather than using an IDE-CF adapter and a ribbon cable, you could look out for an adapter that plugs directly onto the IDE port, not requiring a ribbon at all. I've had better luck with these models in my experience, as the ribbon models didn't make the HDD LED go, but the plug-on ones worked with the Amiga's HDD LED, as well as having one of their own that you can see flashing through the vents in the back of the Amiga. If the one you have already works though, keep it. At least the ribboned models can be moved out of the way of other expansions if they're installed (like the Indivision, which won't fit with a plug-in CF adapter).

The CF card needs to be formatted from AmigaOS as an Amiga filesystem. The default is FFS, which is slower, supports shorter filenames, and smaller partitions than SFS, which is available on Aminet. Be aware though, if using SFS you'll use more RAM, so if you're using an A1200 without an accelerator you might just want to stick with FFS unless you find another filesystem that works better (AFS was good, and I read good things about PFS3).

Once the card is formatted, it should be able to be mounted from within UAE or the A1200. You should probably make two partitions, one must be called Workbench: and have all the system files installed to it. The other partition can have all your programs, games and files. It doesn't really matter where you put your stuff, you can always make Assigns for them if the computer is looking for it somewhere else. I usually make a Programs/ Files/ and Games/ directory in the root of Work: (the second partition) and then just make assigns for the three drawers, give them a drive-style icon, and leave them out on the desktop for easy access.

I guess to install ClassicWB, you'd be best to follow the instructions on how to do it with Windows, as it's been designed for Windows users to easily as possible transfer the files to a real Amiga. I imagine it's not too complicated if you're a PC guy, but I haven't tried it myself. Personally I'd just do the whole lot with the Amiga and install Workbench from floppy disk. Do you have a set of Workbench floppies? You'll need them to prep the CF card on the A1200 (unless you open the PC and plug it in there, then use UAE). You need to use HDToolBox and follow the instructions for preparing the drive and setting the Max Transfer Rate, partitioning the drive so it can be formatted. There's a decent guide to follow here
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