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Same here. Wow, that was fast shipping, although it was just up the Coast a bit.

Seems to work great on my 1200. (I know, it's slower 16bit, etc.. I haven't decided what I want to do long term to expand my Amiga, and figured this would be a decent stop gap)

What I've found so far is that, of the WHDLoad games that were on the HD when I got it (about 10 of them), the games for the Amiga 500 seem to work with the extra 2M fine.

The PAL/NTSC thing is still a bit annoying, but I can make that work too.

The games which won't run (complain about shadowmem or extram) are the AGA games.
Even when I give them as much memory as I can, and even when it's more than the READMEs say I need, I still get that error, so maybe those slaves don't like the 16bit RAM, or maybe I still need more for those. (Eventually)

However, for about $50 for something I'll probably able to sell when (if) I upgrade to real 32bit RAM later (or more likely keep as a backup) that gives me a bit of a buffer for now, I think it's a pretty good deal.

Cammy, thanx for the heads up!

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