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is it possible to just drag and drop some files onto the card or do I have to specially format it?
If the Amiga should recognise it as a hard drive, you have to install it with Amiga software. Windows will not be able to read it any more. But you can use Drag & Drop inside WinUAE.

In order to install the CF card for the Amiga on a PC, you have to run WinUAE and use the "Add Harddrive" button. Then boot from bootable ADFs with install software on it or use one of the pre-configured Amiga packs like ClassicWB.

To prepare the CF card, run HDToolbox and create one or more partitions. Don't forget to enable the "bootable" check mark on one of the partitions.

If you put the CF card back into the Amiga it should boot from it immediately.
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