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A1200, IDE, 4gb cf and the typical 'noob' nightmare... HELP?!?

Okay, read through this entire thread and still I have yet to spot something that can get to grips with. Besides having lovingly owned an Amiga 500 'back in the day', a shed load of copied games and a zipstick I'm a tad clueless here. Well, I've recently got back on the 'scene', scored myself a beautiful A500 (I was actually one of the turds that upgraded to a A500+ ) and a A1200.

Anyway, here's the line up...

A1200 3.0 (not mine but bit like this one)
Sandisk 4gb cf /
44pin f>f IDE cable
CF to IDS 44pin adaptor

Got my PClappy with latest version of WinUAE installed too.

Now, besidesknowing how to use torrents and bringing back the odd mates/relatives PC back to life it appears I'm a Complete noob when it comes to this so if poss I'd be VERY grateful if someone could provide me with a step-by-step (as if I were 10yo, lol) guide using exactly what, where and how to use and what it will do etc. is it possible to just drag and drop some files onto the card or do I have to specially format it? I've got tons on preconfigured .lha games and demos (can't wait to see Phenomina's Enigma and Digi Concerts again) just no idea how to get the Amiga to recognise the drive.

Also, I've been gripped by this subject for the last 4 nights (hence the shocking time I'm up now) and have been reading LOTS about ClassicWB? but this can only be run on a 3.1(escom) Amiga right? and which is better? a A1200 with 3.0 or 3.1, as I read there were some probs with 1200's after Commodore buggered off, high density pc drives etc.

I realllllllllly don't want to have to resort to one of these boys as I already have all the kit, just not the knowledge. Apologies in advance if a noob guide has already been posted! *holds head in shame*

Hope all the above is clear and understandable, if not feel free to ask questions!
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